X R O C K 1 0 5   

  Durango's Locally Owned Rock Station 



XROCK will play the best Rock 'N Roll of the last four Decades
Request Line:  970-385-1053

K X R C 105.3 FM  X ROCK

Rock for the ages

A Mix of your favorite classic rock with popular current hits and the best songs on the B side:  

  "Finally, a radio station in Durango that doesn't suck!"

Welcome! To X R O C K 105.3 FM Radio Located in Durango Colorado USA

Music Range   Multi-generational Rock 70's, 80's, 90's & beyond.

Core Artists

AC-DC,Bon Jovi,Van Halen,

Bad Company, Nirvana,

Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac,

ELO, Poison, Rolling Stones,

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd,

Journey, Metallica, Sammy Hagar

and similar artists. 

Be sure to Join us for our Regular Programming :

  • Morning Disaster + Games & Contests
  • Weekly Poor Man's Concert
  • Comprehensive updates on core Musicians who are touring & recording.